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FD God Edit

FD God
FD God
Meet FD God.







Weapon of Choice

Glock 17, AK-47
Desert Eagle (de dust2)


Glowing Green


Flashdeck RULZ!

This guy (formerly known as BM God or AT God ) has been rated the most powerful terrorist on his team. Not only is he very skilled, and can change his weapons in less than 3 seconds, but he is also very experienced, because of the time he has spend playing. Identified by his trademark green eyes, he was the last terrorist on his team on Counter Strike DE_aztec and the one who planted the bomb. He usually kills Assassin and Psycho. His weapon of choice is an AK-47. He currently has 7 kills. Orignally his name was BM God, which stands for Black Maze but since WX left the site, WX changed it to AT God which stands for AniTude, but he when he started Flashdeck, it was changed to FD God. FD stands for, which is the creator of 

the CS animations. He is the so called "favorite" character of Flashdeck administrator WX.



FD God is one of the four characters introduced in de_aztec along with Striker, Lagger and Newbie. Entering the fight after Newbie died FD God peppers Freekill with bullets, then momentarily escapes SWAT using a flashbang. After Dumbass´ death, FD God attacked the Counter Terrorist team, effortlessly killing Assasin and Psycho, then planting the bomb. Once SWAT appears, the two engage in an epic battle, raining bullets on each other, then switching to pistols, then hand-to-hand combat. FD God was an experienced fighter and almost defeated SWAT, but in the end he lost the battle.


FD God once again appeared in De_Dust2, after Killer died. Psycho and Assasin had been attempting to kill Dumbass, (and failing miserably) FD God seized the chance and killed Assasin. FD God began shooting at Psycho, then succesfully killing him when Psycho gave up his cover to atempt a kill. Grabbing a knife, FD God ambushed SWAT and The Pro, knifing the former in the face. Unfortunately for him, he wasn´t fast enough to dodge The Pro´s counter attack and got shit on.

FD God is easy to anger when someone disturbs his actions (Like in DE_dust 2 Out-take 2 where when FD is about to climb a crate and do a somersault. Dumbass then comes in front of camera showing making FD rage showing that FD can be foul mouthed.

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