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F**king lagged!

Lagger, armed with an AK-47, is usually the worst player on the terrorist team. His connection is horrid, which causes him to do little more than slow down the game and irritate players when they are robbed of kills because of his bad connection. He apparently has trouble with his computer, which is to blame on for SWAT killing him in de_aztec and de_dust2 (it is true that SWAT is a better player, though). Due to his connection issues, Lagger is generally more dependent on luck when playing, and can be considered the luckiest player after Dumbass, as his lag compensation caused Assassin to miss an otherwise perfect shot.

Lagger is usually a player that only few care about, as Lagger has little functional purpose in the game. The only time he interacted with another player is with Dumbass in de_dust2, when they started dancing in the introduction. His connection issues give him great trouble no matter what he attempts to do. As such, every player, even Newbie, can be better than Lagger, as Newbie can be used for the means to an upper end, or as a general distraction.


Lagger was one of the four players introduced in de_aztec, along with Striker, Newbie and FD God. In the battle, he proved to be an obstacle that no-one cared about, until SWAT ambushed him in the middle of a walkway. Lagger retaliated by doing a midair kick, but SWAT dodged it, kicks Lagger twice, knocking him away then drew his handgun and shot him.

In de_dust2, he appeared again first following Dumbass around then dancing with him. Afterwards he was having problems with his lag, smacking into a wall because of it. He ends up in Assasin´s crosshairs and is shot, but the effects of the lag made it hard to make out the true target, and Lagger barely escaped Assassin's follow up grenade. His relief was short-lived, as SWAT threw another grenade at him, killing him.

In Counter Strike: Global Offensive Trailer, when the announcer claims that this version has less lag, Lagger appears, almost completely frozen (and immune to Freekill´s shotgun) contradicting what the announcer just said. However, this was mostly for comedic purposes.

Trivia Edit

  • As all characters are modeled after types of Counter Strike players, Lagger is clearly modeled after players with lag issues.